ShangRao FuShan Industrial Co., Ltd.


ShangRao FuShan Industrial

       Co., Ltd.

Add: Wufushan Town, ShangRao

    city, JiangXi Province

    P. R. China

Tel: (0793)8648656


Post code:334122

Company Porfile


  ShangRao FuShan Industrial Co., Ltd is the company who produce bamboo products .Our products are: bamboo flooring, bamboo panel, bamboo wall base, bamboo stair nosing.

   Geographic advantage:Our company is located in WuYi Shan cordillera, south to ShangRao city. It’s 40 Kilo meters to320 national highway, KunHu highway, and ZheGan railway. The transportation is very convenient. There are many rivers and mountains around our company. The nature sources is very rich.

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